Studio 1999 - photo gallery - interiors and furnishings
All labels belong to their rightful owners - Studio 1999 - a project created by Stefano Saldarelli, September 13, 2009 - Prato, Italy
The first photo on the left shows the entrance to the apartment from the landing. People who arrive at my place for the first time are amazed by this first visual impact. The other pictures show the entrance to the office with its sliding door and the service column with the “fake monitor,” with its numerous buttons and its very real clock.
For the foyer I created a coat rack that was inspired by the cockpit doors of the Eagles. It is held up by a panel of 1 cm thick white forex, and was shaped with a circuit board plotter.
The digital print was created by IL COPIONE of Prato, a company I would like to thank for their great availability and friendship.
The two detailed pictures show the “fake monitor” and the clock.
I created the first by using opaque plexiglass on which I applied a backlit print that represented the screen of the Alpha monitors. For the backlighting I used the IKEA LED (DIODER). The clock runs on batteries.
Details: The “door opener”
These three pictures show how I reproduced the control panels of the doors to the Alpha lunar base. The first and third create the scene by using digital prints, black 5mm forex, models, and anti-scratch laminate, while the others, like the middle one, are also functional. I connected a Ticino switch to it, which allows me to control the light in my office.
Moonbase Alpha is characterized by several graphic elements that make it look “real”. I had a lot of fun finding solutions that would create the same sort of feeling from the writings above the doors to the handles on the computer panels (IKEA – ATTEST) to the light panels that reproduce the “travel tube” route map.
The Office:
This is the heart of Moonbase Alpha. The first picture shows a wide angle shot of the two walls of the room where I work. The second picture shows a detail of the piece of furniture from IKEA (BESTA) that I modified by inserting a real monitor that projects visual and audio clips.
Details of the Office:
The first picture shows a second piece of furniture from IKEA that I personalized with stickers. On the left, I reproduced photos from NASA of the space shuttle, which is another of my great loves. This piece of furniture functions as a wall that hides the sliding door.
The second photo shows the real fire extinguisher, which is made for a car and which I found advertised under “car parts.”
Details of the Office:
The first picture shows the left side of the piece of furniture that hides the sliding door and the semi circular corner that hints at the design elements of the Eagles. This solution allowed me to make space for the sliding door. The second picture shows my design models on a bookshelf from IKEA (BILLY) which I was able to fit into a space in the wall where there previously was a door.
Details of the Office:
It wouldn’t be a lunar base - or even a setting inspired by sci-fi  - without the right lighting. So, drawing inspiration from the medical computers in the infirmary of Moonbase Alpha, I added some LED lights to give the space a functional look.
Details of the Office
Among the various photograms that I took from Space 1999 and saved on my computer, is the one in the second picture that shows the atmospheric control panels of the Alpha base. I liked it and adapted it to my needs, ultimately redesigning it completely. I inserted a Ticino switch into the panel for the light controls on the IKEA shelf against the wall.
The Desk
I am particularly proud of this element. To create it, I studied Commander Koenig’s desk but added my own touch to it by making it a piece of furniture that was also practical. It was not easy to find artisans who were able to fulfill my request but my friends at LGD of Prato, who I thank for their immense patience and skill, got it spot-on, and built me a unique object of steel and tempered glass.
Decorative Accents
After finding five Selene Chairs at Vico Magistretti, which are visible next to the table, I looked farther abroad. Thanks to eBay I was able to buy two Sorella lamps designed by Harvey Guzzini. I had almost lost hope of finding them but then found one in France and one in Italy, only a month apart from each other. It was worth it – they’re beautiful!
Decorative Accents
The mythic commlock (an intercom and door opener). I bought the resin-made object on eBay from someone in England. Although it had several imperfections, with patience, plaster, sandpaper, paint and a few applied graphics, I achieved a perfectly acceptable end result.
Perhaps the keenest observers out there noticed the three laser guns that I have yet to assemble. I’m just waiting for the right time.
by Stefano Saldarelli
Welcome to my
       “Moonbase Alpha.”